A fraudster stole the data of hundreds of Verizon employees


The hacker gained access to a database containing the full names, email addresses, corporate identification numbers and phone numbers of hundreds of Verizon employees. This is reported by Vice.

It is unclear whether all the data is accurate and up-to-date. Motherboard (the technical department of Vice) found out that at least some of the data is legitimate by calling the phone numbers in the database. Four people confirmed their full names and email addresses and said they work for Verizon. Some of the respondents confirmed the data and stated that they had previously worked for the company. At the same time, about a dozen numbers left voice messages with names from the database, which suggests that they are also accurate.

Last week, a hacker contacted Motherboard and claimed that the data was obtained using social engineering. A cybercriminal convinced a Verizon employee to grant him remote access to his corporate computer by impersonating a support employee. After that, the hacker was able to gain access to Verizon’s internal tool and obtained information about employees.

The attacker demanded $250 thousand from Verizon, threatening otherwise to make public the stolen data.

A Verizon representative confirmed that the hacker had contacted the company.

“We were recently contacted by a fraudster who threatened to disclose information about employees in exchange for payment from Verizon. We do not believe that the fraudster has any confidential information, and therefore we do not plan to interact with this person,” a Verizon representative said.

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