Windows 11 Update Disables Trend Micro Protection from Ransomware


The preview of optional cumulative updates for Windows released this week caused compatibility problems with some Trend Micro security solutions, as a result of which the solutions lost some functions, including protection against ransomware.

“The UMH component used by several Trend Micro products to protect endpoints and servers is responsible for some advanced functions, such as protection against ransomware. Trend Micro is aware of a potential problem when users who have applied optional patches for Microsoft Windows 11 or optional preview patches for Windows 2022 (KB5014019), after restarting the system, encounter with the fact that the Trend Micro UMH driver stops working,” the manufacturer of security solutions said.

The problem affects the User Mode Hooking (UMH) component used by several Trend Micro security solutions, including Apex One 2019, Worry-Free Business Security Advanced 10.0, Apex One as a Service 2019, Deep Security 20.0, Deep Security 12.0 and Worry-Free Business Security Services 6.7.

Trend Micro is currently working on fixing the problem in order to catch up before preview updates are sent out to all Windows users as part of the June “Fix Tuesday”.

Fortunately, unlike the mandatory monthly updates, the preview patches released this week are optional and are designed to test bug fixes and performance improvements before the main release.

The compatibility issue with Trend Micro security solutions affects client and server versions of Windows 11, Windows 10 (1809) and Windows Server 2022. Users can either temporarily uninstall patches, or contact support and get the UMH debugging module, with which they can return their functions to security solutions.

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