The investigation into the case of REvil hackers has reached an impasse


The investigation of the criminal case of alleged members of the hacker group REvil, detained by the FSB in January of this year on a tip from the US intelligence services, has actually reached an impasse, Kommersant reports.

The investigation, which is being handled by the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, has reached an impasse — there are still no victims in the criminal case against REvil and the amount of damage has not been established. The investigation is actually standing still, said lawyer Igor Vagin. For example, the defendant Dmitry Korotaev, who is in jail, has never been questioned during the four months of arrest.

According to the lawyer, the Ministry of Internal Affairs managed to accuse eight alleged members of the group only of an offense provided for by the second part of Article 287 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal acquisition, storage and use of electronic means intended for illegal transfer of funds).

According to him, the possible criminal activity of the group inside Russia was not even discussed and there are still no victims in the “REvil criminal case” and the damage caused by the accused is not indicated.

To date, the investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has accused the alleged hackers only of fraud with bank cards. The victims are two US citizens of Mexican origin, whose cards were used to order goods in online stores. At the same time, there are no testimonies of the victims themselves, there is not even information about the amount of damage caused to them.

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