Qrator Labs: The intensity of DDoS attacks at the application level increased by more than 200 in May%


According to Qrator Labs, in May, the intensity of DDoS attacks at the application level (Application Layer or L7, when user applications are simulated, for example, web browsing or messenger operation) to the victim’s servers increased by 200% compared to April. This is reported by Kommersant.

The surge of such attacks on the Russian IT infrastructure was first recorded in late February – early March. The number of IP addresses involved in malicious activity during this period reached almost 3.5 million.

It is noted that in April this figure did not exceed 1 million for the whole month. However, in May it grew again to 2 million units.

Qrator Labs believes that L7-level attacks will become a trend in 2022. In the past, attacks of this type have also been carried out, but these were isolated cases. One of the largest attacks with requests through applications was an attack on Yandex services in 2021, during which 21.8 million requests per second were sent to the resource.

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