Open DevOps, Linux and Networks by Rebrain Workshops


Everyone will be able to find interesting workshops for themselves in the direction and level of competence. Recording a DevOps by Rebrain workshop as a gift for registration!


June 1 Linux: Determining the server load and finding performance bottlenecks (Andrey Buranov)
June 2 Golang: Interviews in FAANG (Egor Grishechko)
June 7 DevOps by REBRAIN (Vasily Ozerov)
June 8 Linux: linux from scratch – 03 (Andrey Buranov)
June 9 Networks: REBRAIN & Selectel: Routing Basics (Nikita Stepanov)
June 14 DevOps: REBRAIN & Selectel. Deployment of applications in kubernetes with helm 3 and helmfile (Mikhail Vishnyakov)
June 15 Linux: linux from scratch – 04 (Andrey Buranov)

June 16 Golang: Features of working with network requests in Go (Dmitry Gordeev)

June 21 DevOps by REBRAIN
June 22 Linux by REBRAIN (Daniil Baturin)
June 23, Golang: Working with metrics in golang applications (Gleb Zemednov)
June 23 Networks: REBRAIN & Selectel. Monitoring of network equipment using the SNMP protocol (Dmitry Neighborsky)
June 28 DevOps by REBRAIN: AIC Implementation Options (Alexander Krylov)
June 29 Linux by REBRAIN (Anton Bondarev)
June 30 Golang: GO Assembly (Konstantin Derevtsov)
June 30 Networks: Link Aggregation to increase Bandwidth: Expectation vs reality (Olga Yanovskaya)

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