Google: “Russian hackers” are involved in the “leak” of the letters of the main supporters of Brexit


A new website that published leaked emails from the main supporters of Britain’s exit from the European Union is linked to Russian hackers, a Google cybersecurity officer and former head of UK foreign intelligence said. This is reported by Reuters.

We are talking about a website called Very English Coop d’etat, where you can find personal correspondence of British ex-spy Richard Dirlov, politician Gisela Stewart, historian Robert Toombs and other supporters of Britain’s exit from the EU, which was completed in January 2020.

The Reuters news agency notes that two victims of the leak have already confirmed that they were victims of hackers, and blamed the Russian government for this.

“I am well aware of the Russian operation against my Proton account,” Dirlov said, referring to the privacy—oriented ProtonMail mail service.

Dirlov, the former head of the British foreign intelligence service MI6, said that the leaked materials should be treated with caution, given “the context of the current crisis in relations with Russia.”

Shane Huntley, who heads the analysis and software group at Goggle, said that the site is allegedly linked to the Cold River hacker group from Russia. At the same time, the American technology company did not provide any evidence, but only stated that its specialists “tracked it with the help of technical indicators.”

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