The United States urged intermediaries from around the world not to disconnect Russia from the Internet


The United States believes that access to the Internet should be maintained in Russia so that residents of the country can receive independent information. This was stated at a briefing on May 25 by State Department spokesman Ned Price.

We called on intermediaries from all over the world not to disconnect Russia from the Internet, so that information continues to flow into the country, and the Internet remains free and open inside Russia itself, Price reported.

Price also noted that the United States will support the work of journalists in Russia, which has become more complicated after the outbreak of the war.

Earlier, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said on May 24 that the service is not going to leave Russia and that one of its goals is to give Russians the opportunity to receive independent news against the background of the war in Ukraine.

In early February, the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, assessed the possibility of disconnecting Russia from the global network and assured that the Russian authorities had developed a special action plan for such a case. “The Internet, as you know, appeared at a certain time and, of course, the key management rights are in the United States of America. So potentially, if something extraordinary happens, if someone’s head is completely blown off, this can happen. Precisely because the keys to this casket are located across the ocean,” Medvedev said.

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