SAP software supplier has completed operations in Russia


For several months after the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, SAP was criticized for continuing to support its software in Russia, including the maintenance of cloud services used by Beac. After the demands of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, the provider of corporate applications promised to hold at the end of April “organized exit from Russia” after 30 years of working in the country.

“SAP still continues to work in Russia and pay taxes to help finance the Russian army. Many banks and banking activities are based on SAP”– said the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The company suspended sales of the new software in early March and said that due to this decision SAP will suffer damage in the amount of € 130 million. According to SAP, sales and ongoing negotiations with companies from the sanctions list have been suspended.

“We are evaluating several options for completing activities, each of which will ensure that we fulfill our obligations to customers who are not under sanctions. Regardless of any SAP solution, existing customers in Russia using local software will still be able to use our products within the framework of contractual obligations”, – SAP declared.

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