LC named the areas that are most often subjected to cyber attacks


Most often, the targets of cyberattacks are government agencies, industry, IT and the telecommunications sector, it follows from the results of the analysis conducted by Kaspersky Lab.

The report is based on data received from Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service clients. In 2021, compared to the previous year, the share of high—severity incidents — attacks involving humans or infections that have a significant impact on business – increased from 9 to 14%.

Critical incidents are recorded in all industries, in 2021 their share was highest in telecommunications, industrial, IT companies and government agencies. Most often they were associated with targeted attacks — in almost 41% of cases, in another 14% of cases — with malware, in 13% — with the exploitation of critical vulnerabilities, in 5.5% — with social engineering.

Targeted attacks in 2021 were subjected to a variety of industries, most of them were recorded in government, industrial, financial and IT organizations. In the telecommunications industry, every critical incident turned out to be associated with targeted attacks.

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