Clearview AI Wants to use Facial Recognition System in schools


Clearview AI is exploring the possibility of implementing a facial recognition system in US schools to identify students and each visitor in order to ensure security in the institution.

According to a Vox report, schools have previously used a facial recognition system for added security. However, some states and schools have banned the use of technology, as it is an invasion of privacy and does not bring any benefit to students and staff.

“Clearview AI is interested in using facial recognition technology to prevent crime and financial fraud. Today, facial recognition is already being used to unlock a phone, provide access to a building, verify identity, and even for payments.”, – said Clearview AI CEO Hoan Tong-Tat

“Clearview AI is already providing its own facial recognition technology through Clearview Consent to the software provider for managing the client’s visitors, including schools”,” Ton-Tat added.

Clearview AI company is engaged in facial recognition technologies and offers its systems to various companies. In addition, Clearview AI Inc. It has a database with more than 20 billion images of people’s faces collected from the Internet and social networks. The company’s clients, including the police, can upload a person’s image to the app and check their database for compliance.

Clearview AI has repeatedly faced several lawsuits due to the collection of images of people’s faces. For example, the UK recently fined Clearview AI $9.4 million.
The British supervisory authority ordered the company to stop collecting personal data of Britons and delete the data of residents of the country from their systems.

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