China urged to destroy Starlink satellites


According to a recent study, China should be able to disable or even destroy SpaceX Starlink satellites if they threaten national security.

Researchers at the Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications under the Strategic Support Forces of the PLA, led by researcher Ren Yuanzheng, published an article calling for the development of new anti-satellite means.

“It is necessary to use a combination of different methods of destruction so that some Starlink satellites lose their functions”, – said the researchers.

As a result of research , Chinese scientists have proposed the following methods of destroying Starlink satellites:

  • lasers capable of blinding or damaging satellites;
  • nanosatellites that can destroy larger satellites;
  • cyber weapons that damage the system.

Starlink already has more than 2,300 satellites in orbit. In January, SpaceX signed a five-year contract with the US Air Force for the transportation of military cargo and humanitarian aid. According to the assumptions of the researchers, “satellites with military payloads can be launched among a batch of commercial Starlink devices”.

Experts also said that the Chinese military needs to modernize its space surveillance systems. China can destroy a satellite with a rocket, but this will lead to the formation of a large amount of space debris and will be expensive compared to relatively cheap satellites.

Earlier, Elon Musk said that the Starlink system deployed in Ukraine resists increasingly frequent hacking attempts by Russia. SpaceX was able to stop attempts to jam the Starlink satellite Internet using electronic warfare (EW) systems.

In addition, Elon Musk recently stated that the SpaceX infrastructure is resistant to all attempts to hack or jam the signal

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