Money is the main motive of modern hackers


On Tuesday, May 24, telecommunications company Verizon published its annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). According to the authors of the report, the last year has been “staggering” and “extraordinary” in terms of cyber attacks.

“Ranging from highly publicized attacks on critical infrastructure to large–scale supply chain hacks, criminals pursuing financial gain and hackers working for the government have rarely, or rather, never raged so much before as in the last 12 months,” the authors of the report said.

The report does not specifically name the sensational attacks on Colonial Pipeline, Kaseya or JBS. In addition, there is no data on the military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

The report for 2022 confirms what the information security experts already intuitively guessed: cybercriminals have only one main motive – money. The second, less common motive is espionage. Everything else is in the past.

“To sum up: most of the data thieves are professional criminals who deliberately steal data that can be monetized,” the experts said.

According to DBIR, about 93% of all leaks are related to greed and only about 6% are related to espionage. Hacktivism, whose “golden age” fell at the beginning of the 2010s, “is, for the most part, just echoes of the past.”

This year, the number of attacks using extortionate software continues to grow. So, according to the report, the growth was 13%, which is equivalent to the growth rate for five years.

Since 2008, only one thing has not changed – the main target of hackers are not networks or individual devices, but servers. They account for 83% of all attacks.

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