Meta will reveal advertising targeting methods to researchers


(recognized as an extremist organization and banned in the territory of the Russian Federation) will provide researchers with information on methods of promoting political and social advertising among users. The data will be available for experts to study a few months before the midterm elections in the United States.

According to Jeff King, Vice President of Business Ethics, starting from the end of May, Meta will provide “detailed information about targeting for social, election or political advertising” researchers who have registered in the Facebook Open Research and Transparency Project (FORT) program. The project will help qualified researchers to study the impact of social networks on society through measures to protect user privacy.

The information from Meta will contain categories of interests, including everything from ecology to travel, selected for targeting each individual ad. According to King, from July, the Meta public advertising library will also include targeting information for political ads, including location, demographic data and interests. For example, an ad library might show that 2,000 ads about social issues, elections, or politics have been placed on a page in the last 30 days, and 40% of the spending on these ads was targeted at “Pennsylvania residents” or “people interested in politics.”

“Targeting criteria for analyzing and reporting on advertisements dedicated to social issues, elections and politics will help experts better understand the methods of attracting potential voters using our technologies”,” King wrote.

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