A refugee from the DPRK launches his NFT collection


A dissident artist under the creative pseudonym Sun Mu will publish his NFT collection on OpenSea on May 29, at 9 am Eastern summer time.

“Ten NFT collections of Sun Mu will be published in the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain,” says the press section on the artist’s website. “Some of the works will be put up for auction, while others will be presented in the form of several editions at the same price.”

Preview of the NFT token from the artist’s website: sunmuart.com/nft/

Working with designers in the field of blockchain and motion graphics, Sun Mu based the NFT collection on the provocative style used in his previous art installations and exhibitions criticizing harsh North Korean socialism.

Sun Mu’s works resemble the propaganda art of North Korea. The artist adopts this style and with the help of pop art characters satirically depicts the hard life in North Korea.

Interesting fact: The name Sun Mu means “no line” or “no borders”. It reflects the artist’s philosophy, according to which art has no boundaries.

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