Staffcop Enterprise – information security at level 5.0


On May 26, 2022 Novosibirsk software developer Atom Security will present a new version a software package for monitoring user actions, information flows and events of the Staffcop system Enterprise 5.0

Today we are in a situation where we hear about information leaks almost every day. Of course, the level of competence of information security specialists is growing every year, but in addition to personal competencies, it is necessary to have an effective tool in your hands. Staffcop Enterprise 5.0 will allow you to raise your company’s information security to a new level. The new version implements a number of new functions, more than 500 improvements, and many extensions of existing functionality.

Interception of messengers. Earlier in Staffcop Enterprise, Skype, Telegram, ICQ interception capabilities were implemented, now they have added full-fledged control of WhatsApp, MS Teams and Bitrix24.

It is now possible to convert audio recordings into text. You no longer need to listen to all conversations, just a glance at the text transcript to determine the content. Built-in dictionaries and regular expressions will automate the process of processing text data.

The function of using grouping of elements into lists has been implemented, which can be used, for example, to form a mail perimeter, controlled devices, files, and other things. However, this functionality will help to close a lot of more non-trivial tasks. At the same time, when editing the list, all the policies in which it is used are automatically adjusted. Added the ability to separate intercepted files by two types: the direction – from where and where the file was sent / copied / moved; by the interception channel – mail, messengers, flash drives, etc. This function will allow a more comprehensive analysis of the movement of information.

Another important improvement was the ability to connect the Apache Tika content parser, which allows you to extract data from more than 100 types of intercepted files, which increases the ability to control the transfer of user-critical information.

We keep up with the times and now our algorithms also allow us to respond to the increasing popularity of UnionPay and MIR bank card number formats.

New configurations of data access rights for system administrators will allow you to create point settings for granting access to certain data (for example, restrict the ability to view correspondence with the company’s top management). The control capabilities of system administrators have been expanded, the function of logging any data upload that was launched by the system administrator has been added. In addition, it is now possible to create administrators with the translation of their rights from AD. We have also implemented protection against a simple password, which increases the reliability of access to system data, besides it has a convenient and visual indication of password reliability.

Security at a new level. In earlier versions of Staffcop Enterprise, the adaptive control function was introduced, we have refined its functionality – you can configure the enhanced mode connection both upon the occurrence of an event and according to set thresholds (for example, uploading information that contains trade secrets to personal mail).

New control features for users working remotely. The administrator can more accurately monitor user activity within a remote session (at the new measure, the “Session type” in the reports can be determined whether the employee worked directly at the computer or connected remotely), and the user can also independently provide access to data on his working time – which he considers necessary. Employees can turn on/off the working time tracking themselves through a notification in the system tray and, thereby, control the recording of working hours.

Integration. Employee data can now be synchronized across multiple AD organizational groups independently. The login for domain users is also simplified – the domain prefix is specified in the system settings and is substituted automatically. Added the ability to import information from 1C on vacations, absenteeism, sick leave and other absences of employees, using it in the reports of the URV.

New unique features of Windows Agent. The restriction of pasting copied text from the clipboard is implemented – text can only be pasted into the application from which it was copied; detection of files encrypted using Crypto-Pro.

The Linux agent has not been left without improvements – interceptions have been added: files sent for printing; emails from the Thunderbird mail client, as well as emails from any email client based on the Thunderbird code; interception of files in Telegram.

There is support for Ubuntu 20.04 for the server. Functionality the remote agent installation utilities have been greatly expanded.

Well, the little cherry on the cake was the variety of visual design of the interface. We have developed three interface themes that you can use and change if you get bored with the current one.

May 26 at 11:00 (Moscow time) We invite you to join the webinar, where the head of the implementation Department, Daniil Borislavsky, and the head of the product development Department, Philip Vokhmintsev, will talk in detail about all the changes to the Staffcop Enterprise 5.0 version.

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