Scammers pose as victims of violence on Tinder and send photos of beatings


Scammers pose as victims of physical violence in dating apps like Tinder and Grindr, thereby gaining the trust of users, and lure them to fake services for “ID verification”.

First, the scammers register a fake user with an attractive user profile in the application. In the course of correspondence with a potential “couple”, this user tells a heartwarming story about how a former partner beat her/him, and sends creepy photos as confirmations. Allegedly, in order to make sure that the potential passion is also not an abuser, the “victim of violence” asks to go to the GDAH (Gender Discrimination and Harassment Safety Global) website and confirm his data.

The site is a landing page with only two buttons – “Register” and “Login”. The social network icons presented on it do not lead anywhere, and there are no contacts for feedback. Moreover, during the registration process, the page requests credit card details and asks you to pay $1.99 for registration.

If you believe the site, you can allegedly enter the name of the person of interest on it, and the service will check its presence in the well-known official databases of rapists. Whether this is true or not is unknown, because before using the service, you need to pay for registration.

BleepingComputer managed to find dozens of similar domains issued by scammers for services for “ID verification”. It is possible that they do provide the stated service, but there are no guarantees. Therefore, given the growth of fraud in the field of online dating, users should be wary of potential “partners” who ask them to be tested on such sites.

It is not known for certain what goals the operators of such services pursue. They collect credit card data and ask for money for a subscription, which is suspicious in itself. Users who have been “knocked on” by someone questionable are advised to follow the instructions set for such cases by Grindr and Tinder and report suspicious profiles.

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