Cybercriminals have reached the level of government hackers


According to the statement of Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock at the World Economic Forum in Davos, today the cyber threat is increasing because criminal groups are acting more sophisticated. Moreover, now cybercriminals can be hired for a quick one-time attack.

Jurgen Stock noted that cybercrime is a global problem, and due to the actions of law enforcement agencies at the national level, the capture of fraudsters is becoming more complicated. In addition, it is not cybersecurity, but human error that opens the door for intruders.

“As the world becomes more interconnected, the challenge is how do we interact to exchange information in real time so that we can be ready for the next cyber attack. It’s only a matter of time.”,” Stock said.

Many companies still do not pay due attention to cybersecurity and recognize its importance only when it is too late and the stolen data can no longer be returned. According to Singapore’s Minister of Communications and Information Josephine Teo, cybercrime is a growing threat to organizations around the world. Due to Russia’s special operation in Ukraine and further consequences, many companies and institutions around the world are at risk.

“Cybercriminals, in terms of their level of training, are catching up with state cyber spies. This has become a matter of national security, as critical infrastructure may be at risk. The cybercrime world is profitable and self-funded, so it will thrive. Cybersecurity requires urgent attention and extensive international cooperation”Theo added.

According to Teo, exploiting supply chain and software vulnerabilities is another risk that needs to be addressed. Due to the increased threat, the trust relationship between customers and MSP suppliers is now in question.

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