The UK fined Clearview AI $9.4 million


The UK has fined the American facial recognition company Clearview AI Inc. in the amount of more than 7.5 million pounds ($9.4 million, €8.8 million) for collecting images of people’s faces without their consent. The British data supervisory authority also ordered the company to stop collecting personal data of Britons and delete the data of residents of the country from its systems.

Clearview AI Inc. It has a database with more than 20 billion images of people’s faces collected from the Internet and social networks without the knowledge of users. The company’s clients, including the police, can upload a person’s image to the app and check their database for compliance.

“The company allows you to identify a person and track his actions, offering it as a paid service. This is unacceptable.”, – said UK Information Commissioner John Edwards.

The UK imposed a fine on Clearview AI Inc. due to violation of the country’s laws on personal data protection:

  • Company “couldn’t use the data honestly and transparently”;
  • Clearview AI Inc. «had no legitimate reason to collect information about people”;
  • Organization “did not prevent indefinite data storage».

According to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the company “no longer offers its services to British organizations“, but the data of UK residents can still be used by the organization’s clients in other countries.

Earlier , the French data privacy surveillance agency CNIL ordered Clearview AI to stop collecting and using the data of French citizens .

Recall that the Clearview AI facial recognition system is used in Ukraine. About 400 Ukrainian investigators use Clearview AI to
investigate war crimes and identify the dead.

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