New challenges in the field of secure development: how to ensure code security?


One of the most relevant vectors of cyber attacks now is open source applications and libraries. Attackers are increasingly spreading malware and serious vulnerabilities through Open Source components. In parallel, many foreign vendors are leaving the Russian market, which further increases the demand for open source software to replace foreign.

May 25 at 11:00 (Moscow time) at the Rostelecom-Solar open webinar, we will tell you what surprises Open Source can conceal and what developers and information security specialists should do to reduce cyber risks from its use in current realities.

At the webinar you will learn:

  • How the situation has changed and why the use of open source code now carries more security risks
  • How the introduction of a static code analyzer and a secure development process will help to control the security of the code
  • What difficulties can you face when implementing SSDLC and how to overcome them

The event will be useful:

  • Managers and experts of information security services
  • Managers and experts of IT services
  • Managers of software development and analytics
  • Anyone interested in the topic of code security

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