In Russia, it will be allowed to use music and films of copyright holders who have stopped working in the country


The Russian authorities are developing a temporary procedure for making payments under contracts with copyright holders who have stopped working in the country.

According to the draft decree, Russian legal entities and individuals, authorities and state organizations that have license contracts with copyright holders from countries that have imposed economic and political sanctions will have to pay under contracts to a specially created ruble account in a bank that provides such an opportunity, or in Russian banks. It will be necessary to pay, among other things, for intellectual property objects, the use of which in Russia has been banned by foreign copyright holders themselves, Vedomosti writes.

Such payments will be made even for those intellectual property objects, the use of which was banned in Russia after the start of the special operation by foreign copyright holders themselves. Thus, the obligations of Russian licensees to partners from unfriendly countries will be considered fulfilled.

It is assumed that the new procedure will be in effect until the lifting of sanctions and bans on the use of intellectual property objects, says another interlocutor of Vedomosti. The rightholder will be able to withdraw money from the special account with the permission of the government commission for monitoring the implementation of foreign investments. An exception will be made for payments to individuals who use objects of intellectual activity for personal needs: for example, when buying a computer game or software. The amount of payment in this case should not exceed 100,000 rubles.

The temporary order will not apply to companies that import medicines, medical devices, industrial, agricultural and food products into Russia, as well as to companies that use intellectual property to provide communication services, develop computer programs and support data processing centers.

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