Artificial intelligence destroyed malware in less than a second


British scientists from Cardiff University have created a new method
for automatically detecting and destroying malware on a device in less than a second. The detection method based on artificial intelligence has been tested on thousands of malware samples and has prevented damage to 92% of files on the computer, destroying the malware in 0.3 seconds.

According to experts, the new method can detect and destroy malware in real time and may change the approach to modern cybersecurity. The new method was developed in collaboration with Airbus and uses AI to monitor and predict malware behavior.

The authors of a malicious program can simply cut and change the code, and the next day the code will look different and will not be detected by the antivirus program. The researchers said that as soon as the malware launches an attack, for example, opens a port, creates a process or downloads files in a certain order, a “fingerprint” will be left, which will help determine the further actions of the program.

“We still have to improve the accuracy of the system before it is launched. The new research is an important step towards creating an automated threat detection system in real time, which will benefit not only our computers, but also smart speakers, cars and refrigerators, as the Internet of Things becomes more widespread.”, – said the study’s lead author Matilda Rod, as
well as the head of innovation and scouting at Airbus.

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