Hackers demanded $7.5 million from the Indian oil plant Oil India


One of the largest Indian oil refineries, Indian Oil, has fallen victim to an attack by a ransomware program that led to the shutdown of the company’s computers and IT systems.

Cybercriminals demanded a ransom of about $7.5 million. As a representative of the company, Tridiv Hazarika, told The Times of India, there is currently no information about the identity of the hackers or how they managed to get into the Indian Oil networks.

The cyberattack occurred on April 10 at one of the workstations of the Department of Geology and Field Development of Indian Oil. According to the representative, oil production operations are continuing as normal. The SAP platform was not affected. The problem affected only personal computers installed in offices.

A group of IT specialists is working with the company to strengthen the Oil India firewall system.

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