In Russia, Twitter was blocked at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office


In Russia, Twitter was blocked at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office

Russia has completely blocked access to Facebook in response to the fact that the platform imposed restrictions on state media.

According to information in the register on the RCN website, the blocking is related to the decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office of February 24 under Article 15.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation — it refers to “restricting access to information disseminated in violation of the law.” What specific information is in question is not specified.

Facebook and its Instagram subsidiary platform removed Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik from their products in the European Union this week and did the same in the UK on Friday, prompting an immediate reaction from the Russian communications regulator.

The Roskomnadzor monitoring body said that since October 2020, 26 cases of discrimination against Russian media by Facebook have been registered, while access has been restricted by state-supported news services such as Russia Today and RIA news agency. Last week, the regulator announced a “partial” blocking of Facebook, saying that the social network violated “the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens.”

On March 1, Roskomnadzor accused the social network of becoming a platform for the dissemination of “unreliable socially significant information” about Russia’s “military operation” in Ukraine. At the same time, the agency began to slow down the traffic of the social network on stationary computers. Roskomnadzor demanded to remove the materials that had caused him claims, and promised to cancel the measures if this was done.

Earlier on March 4 , Roskomnadzor blocked Facebook . The agency called it a response to the “discrimination” of the Russian media and information resources.

Facebook Facebook will continue to do everything possible to “restore services” and keep them accessible to people, said on Twitter vice president of Meta (the parent company of Facebook) for international affairs Nick Clegg.

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