Twitch will ban for fakes on the platform


According to the latest update of Twitch content policies, users posting “dangerous misinformation” will be blocked.

“We are proud that Twitch can unite people, but we do not believe that individuals who use online services to spread false, dangerous information have a place in our community,” the Twitch blog says.

The “ban” will include users whose presence on the platform consists in the regular publication of unconfirmed and dangerous information, for example, conspiracy theories, in order to promote violence. The moderators of the platform will consider each case separately.

The policies apply to content related to COVID-19 vaccines and content that “undermines the integrity of civil or political processes,” such as electronic fraud and propaganda of terrorism and extremism.

Twitch assured that the updated policies are unlikely to affect the majority of streamers or their viewers. Although there is little dangerous misinformation on the platform, the company considered it necessary to take precautions in advance.

At the same time, Reddit has joined the growing list of platforms that refused to publish Russian media materials. From now on, forum users will not be able to publish articles by Russia Today and Sputnik, as well as their foreign-language partners. Targeting of Russian users and advertising submitted by Russian state and private organizations is also disabled.

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