The latest test build of Windows 11 asks for credit card details


The latest test build of Windows 11 received two important functions: payment information and Smart App Control security technology, which checks new applications and games that the user installs on his PC.

Microsoft released an insider preview build of Windows 11 (22567) on the Dev channel on Wednesday, March 2. Requesting credit card data in Windows is not as scary as it might seem, because many users have already added them to the Microsoft ecosystem either when buying apps or movies in the Microsoft Store, or when buying services for Xbox. However, these transactions are usually conducted on the Microsoft account web page.

Microsoft decided to ask users for payment information when registering last month. From now on, the company will warn you if the subscription can be canceled due to the expired card. It turns out that Microsoft considers users’ computers not as a machine for work and games, but primarily as a tool for shopping.

Another interesting innovation that appeared in the latest build is Smart App Control (SAC), which Microsoft describes as “a new security feature in Windows 11 that blocks untrusted or potentially dangerous applications.”

However, Microsoft will decide which applications to consider untrusted or potentially dangerous. In other words, there will always be a risk that SAC will consider a harmless application that is not yet known to it malicious.

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