The number of hacker attacks that were committed on the portals of state authorities has increased hundreds of times


“The excess is not just several times, but hundreds of times. That is, if earlier the number of attacks that took place, [достигало] there are dozens of units a day, but now it’s several hundred a day, they are going on all fronts,” Lyapunov said.

Lyapunov also noted that the mass attacks are coordinated and unprecedented.

The most powerful attack was recorded on the night of February 26-27. At that time, attempts were made to hack the websites of all state authorities and the portal “Gosuslug”. “There has never been such a level of attacks.” – the vice-president of the organization clarified.

Such large-scale attacks on Russian services and resources have not yet been conducted, Lyapunov concluded. It is not known exactly who is involved in the attacks on the websites of state authorities of the Russian Federation.

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