Russian hacker group RaHDit hacked 755 state websites of Ukraine


“The Russian hacker group RaHDit conducted a large-scale cyberattack, as a result of which all 755 websites of the Ukrainian authorities were hacked. On the gov,” the Kremlin Laundress telegram channel reported. This is the first action of a hacker group with this name.

The websites of local authorities throughout Ukraine were hacked mainly. Telegram channel published screenshots from hacked sites with addresses , , . At the time of publication of the news, the data of the Internet page were unavailable.

Earlier, Anonymous hacktivists conducted a massive deface of major Russian media and posted anti-war slogans on them. Hackers also hacked into the equipment management of the Selyatino agricultural hub in the Moscow region and tried to spoil 40 thousand tons of frozen products.

Today, Rostelecom Vice President for Information Security Igor Lyapunov warned that the number of attacks on government authorities in the Russian Federation has increased hundreds of times over the past week.

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