New information security solutions of the week: March 3, 2022


Ondato has launched the Ondato OS platform, which defines a new category of technologies that combines all the KYC and AML tools and services needed by an online business to connect customers securely. The Ondato OS operating system provides back-office specialists of organizations with tools for complete management of customer data, including task management for all teams, risk assessment, profiling and case management. The OS provides key capabilities that can easily adapt to the needs of customers, with a wide range of verification and signature options for both individuals and legal entities.

Forcepoint has introduced Forcepoint ONE, an all-in-one multifunctional cloud security platform. The platform simplifies security for both office workers and those who work remotely, providing them with secure, controlled access to corporate data on the Network, cloud and applications. Forcepoint ONE allows security teams to manage a single set of policies for all applications from a single cloud console with a single agent for endpoints and support for unmanaged devices without agents.

NetSPI has released a platform for securing the ever – expanding global attack surface Management . The platform provides continuous penetration testing thanks to the NetSPI global security team and thus helps organizations to inventory known and unknown networked assets and prioritize risks.

Sumo Logic has expanded the capabilities of its solution for orchestration and automation of security and Security Threat Response (SOAR) Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR. In particular, the War Room and App Central functions were added. The War Room provides security teams with detailed information about the incident, speeding up manual processes from a few minutes to a few seconds. App Central gathers critical resources, including use cases, integrations, and scripts, to increase the necessary automation so that security teams can create standard operating procedures and respond to incidents faster.

MyCena has supplemented the MyCena Segmented Access Management solution set with a solution for mobile devices. MyCena solutions aim to eradicate phishing attacks on credentials, supply chain attacks and ransomware attacks in hybrid work environments. The solutions eliminate the three biggest cybersecurity problems: the creation of strong passwords and their distribution, risk aggregation and password memorization.

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