Intel and AMD are working on a new standard for chiplet-based processors


The world’s largest chip manufacturers, including Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Arm, TSMC and Samsung, are working together on a new standard for chiplet-based processors. Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) is a new open interoperable standard for combining several silicon crystals (so-called chiplets) in one package.

A chiplet is a part of a processing and computing module that makes up a larger integrated circuit, such as a computer processor.

Intel, AMD and other manufacturers are already developing or selling processors based on chiplets. For example, most AMD Ryzen CPUs use chiplets. Intel also intends to implement them in future Sapphire Rapids Xeon processors. However, all these chips use different interconnects to communicate between chipsets.

If successful, UCIe will replace these interconnects with a single standard, which will give smaller manufacturers the opportunity to use chiplet-based processors, since companies will be able to add chips made by other companies to their products.

Chiplets have a great advantage in the production of large chips partly because they reduce the amount of silicon used. If a manufacturing defect affects one CPU core, removing one 8-core chiplet will be much cheaper than removing a huge 16- or 32-core processor chip. Chiplets also allow you to mix and combine chips and production processes. For example, a manufacturer may use an older and cheaper process for chipsets and a newer and more advanced one for processor cores and cache.

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