Rogozin confirmed the attempt to hack the MCC and the space group


Yes, there were such attempts to break into the MCC, but in automatic mode our security system absorbed these attacks and repelled them,” he said in an interview with journalists.

“I want to warn those who are trying to do this that this is a crime that should be very severely punished, because taking a space group of any country off duty is a so-called casus belli, that is, a reason for war,” he said, adding that the corporation will look for those responsible for the hacking attempt.

Today, the hacker group NB65, associated with the Anonymous group, reported that it hacked the Roscosmos MCC, as a result of which communication over its satellites was allegedly lost. Rogozin said that the control channels of the orbital constellation of satellites and the Russian segment of the International Space Station are reliably protected. There is no loss of control over Russian satellites, and all control centers are operating normally.

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