Anonymous tried to spoil 40 tons of products in Selyatino agricultural holding


Hackers broke into the management of the equipment of the Selyatino agricultural hub in the Moscow region and tried to spoil 40 thousand tons of frozen products, follows from a letter from the Slavtrans-Service logistics company (part of the Association of Food Sector Organizations) to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

It is clarified that the attack was allegedly carried out by the Anonymous group early in the morning on February 26. “Unauthorized access was obtained to the Danloss head controller (manufactured in Denmark) under the Supervisor user. At 00:27, an Anonymous user was created with full rights. After that, the key parameters responsible for maintaining the temperature from -24 ° C to +30 degrees Celsius were changed in order to spoil 40 thousand tons of frozen meat and fish products. The equipment had access to the Internet for remote monitoring of the operation of the installations,” the letter sent to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation says.

According to the letter, the security service of the Selyatino agrohab prevented the negative consequences of the hacker attack. All domestic agricultural products are stored without violating the temperature regime.

“At the moment, the operation of the installations has been restored. The equipment is disconnected from the Internet. The parameters are monitored locally, from a computer that is not connected to the Internet,” the letter says.

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