Hackers of the Russian Killnet group have disabled the Anonymous website


Killnet’s appeal on Tuesday, March 1, was published in one of the Telegram channels.

“The Internet is full of fake information about hacking Russian banks, attacks on the servers of Russian media and much more. All this has no danger to people. This “information bomb” carries only text. And no more harm. Don’t give in to fake information on the Internet. Do not doubt your country,” Killnet says in its appeal.

According to Killnet, since February 25, they have been attacking Anonymous at the L7 level of the OSI model. The Killnet group appeared in early 2022 and provides illegal paid services for ddos attacks.

On February 26, the Ministry of Finance reported that users of the public services portal may face difficulties when working with the site’s services due to cyber attacks. At the same time, personal data and information of citizens are reliably protected, the department clarified.

Recall that on February 25, the Anonymous group declared a “cyber war” against Russia and carried out mass attacks on popular media sites. After that, on February 28, a massive deface of the largest mass media in Russia was carried out – TASS, Kommersant, Fontanka, RBC, Forbes, Izvestia, Znak. com, BURO 24/7, Mel, E1, Such Things, as well as the Belarusian edition Onliner.b. The same content appeared on the pages – an anti-war appeal allegedly on behalf of journalists signed by the Anonymous group.

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