Commercial satellite operator Viasat is investigating a possible cyber attack


Viasat, one of the world’s largest commercial satellite operators, is investigating a possible cyberattack that caused disruptions in broadband access services in Eastern European countries, in particular, in Ukraine.

According to Sky News, the company has hired cybersecurity experts to find out the causes of failures in the KA-SAT network in the last few days. In particular, the version of possible involvement of Russia in the incident is being considered, but concrete evidence has not yet been revealed.

According to the insider, at the moment, evidence has been found that the failures were caused by a DDoS attack.

According to the Viasat notification, the company faced “a partial network failure affecting the Internet service for fixed broadband customers in Ukraine and other countries in the European KA-SAT network.”

“The investigation of the failures is ongoing, but at the moment we have concluded that they were caused by a cyber incident. We are investigating and analyzing our European network and systems in order to identify the root of the problem, as well as taking additional measures to ensure network security to prevent further impact and making efforts to continue providing services to affected customers,” Viasat said in a notification.

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