Chinese hacker tool Daxin has been bypassing detection for 10 years


Symantec security researchers have discovered an “extremely sophisticated” Chinese hacking tool Daxin, which has remained in the shadows for more than a decade.

As explained in Symantec, the tool is Chinese, since the installations where its components were assembled are associated with a well-known infrastructure and past attacks by Chinese hackers.

The detection of the tool is of great importance, since the scale of the attacks and the technical side of Daxin are impressive.

According to the researchers’ report, the most recent known attack using Daxin took place in November last year. Apparently, the creators of the tool were not too lazy to work on the development of techniques to make its traffic invisible, mixing it with legitimate.

The victims of Daxin are, among others, government organizations in Asia and Africa, including the Ministries of Justice.

Daxin on infected systems can be controlled from anywhere in the world – this is a big step forward compared to other malware of Chinese origin.

“It is obvious that the attackers successfully managed not only to conduct malicious companies, but also to hide their creation for more than ten years,” said Vikram Thakur, technical director of Symantec.

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