The Ministry of Finance has prepared a list of priority measures for the stabilization and development of the IT industry


As the telegram channel reports Before Everyone Else, well, Almost, with reference to its own sources, the measures include:

– Exempt for the next 3 years all employees of IT companies from paying personal income tax, and the companies themselves from paying income tax, as well as exempt these companies from inspections

– All employees of IT companies have a preferential mortgage with a rate of 5% for the duration of work;

– Deferral from conscription for employees of IT companies for the duration of their work in these companies

– extend the existing tax benefits also to IT companies that receive income from advertising or providing additional services in their applications and online services, as well as from the implementation, installation, testing and maintenance of partner domestic IT products;

– introduce simplified procedures for obtaining work permits and residence permits for foreign citizens attracted to work in Russian companies;

– provide grants to companies for the development and development of IT products;

– to ensure accelerated import substitution of software at critical information infrastructure facilities;

– also provide targeted funding for the creation of a “mirror” repository of open source software “GitHub” in Russia.

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