More than 10 thousand IT specialists signed an anti-war open letter


An open letter from the IT industry against the operation in Ukraine was signed by more than 10 thousand people. The authors of the letter call for the cancellation of decisions that may “inevitably entail human casualties on each side.”

The form of the letter, under which everyone could leave a signature, was published on Facebook by HeadHunter product manager Natalia Lukyanchikova.

The letter was signed by more than 10 thousand representatives of IT companies in Russia.

We consider any manifestation of force that leads to the outbreak of war unjustified and call for the cancellation of decisions that may inevitably entail human casualties on each side. Our countries have always been close to each other. And today we are worried about our Ukrainian colleagues, friends, relatives. We are concerned and morally oppressed by what is happening in the cities of Ukraine now.

In our work we make the best products, the best service, we sincerely do everything so that Russian IT solutions can be proud of. We want our country to be associated not with war, but with peace and progress.

Progress and development of technologies for the benefit of man are impossible in conditions of war and threats to people’s lives and health, they are possible only in conditions of cooperation, diversity of points of view, information exchange and open dialogue.

We ask the leadership of our country to pay attention to our appeal, find ways to resolve this situation peacefully and prevent human casualties.

Earlier, representatives of the film industry and the community of architects spoke out against the special operation. The appeals were also recorded by students, graduate students and teachers; psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists. Dozens of Russian actors, athletes, singers, and artists also spoke out against the operation.

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