The Ministry of Finance told about the unprecedented scale of cyber attacks to which the portal “Public Services” was subjected


On February 26, more than 50 DDoS attacks with a capacity of more than 1 TB were recorded, as well as a number of professional targeted attacks on the Public Services portal. All attacks are successfully repelled by the specialists of the security center.

Users may encounter short-term unavailability of services. At the same time, all published information and all personal data of users are securely protected, hackers cannot access them.

Security and infrastructure management services work around the clock, specialists, if necessary, launch additional resource protection mechanisms.

Earlier, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov spoke about the constant cyber attacks on the Kremlin’s website.

Channel One also reported on difficulties with access to the site, its representative called DDoS attacks the cause of the failure. The state Corporation Roscosmos said that its website was subjected to a DDoS attack from abroad. Russian Railways faced the same problem.

Before that, the hacker group Anonymous declared the Russian Federation a “cyber war” because of a special military operation in Ukraine.

Earlier, the national coordination center for computer incidents, created by the FSB, announced a critical threat level of cyber attacks on Russian information resources. “Any failure in the operation of the CII facilities for a reason that has not been reliably established, first of all, should be considered as the result of a computer attack,” the Center reported.

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