Twitter announced the strengthening of the fight against fakes in connection with


Social network Twitter reported that in light of the situation around Ukraine, it has taken a number of measures, including suspending advertising for Russians and Ukrainians, as well as temporarily stopping the recommendations of tweets in order to avoid the dissemination of offensive materials.

“Our top priority is to ensure the safety of people on Twitter. We actively monitor the risks associated with the conflict in Ukraine, including identifying and suppressing attempts to disseminate false and misleading information,” the company said in a statement in Russian.

It is noted that the social network actively monitors vulnerable profiles of well-known users, including journalists, activists, government officials and agencies, “in order to mitigate any attempts of targeted capture or manipulation.”

“For people using Twitter in Ukraine and Russia, we have also suspended some recommendations of tweets from people you don’t subscribe to on the Main Page in order to reduce the spread of offensive content,” the message emphasizes.

The social network also launched hints in the “Search” and “Home” sections, which indicate the “Twitter Moment” with digital security and protection resources in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Earlier, Google announced the removal of hundreds of channels on YouTube against the background of events in Ukraine, and Roskomnadzor began partially restricting access to Facebook.

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