The Russian Defense Ministry has denied reports of hackers hacking Apopumos of the official website of the department


«The information spread in social networks by sofa fighters for the help of Ukraine about the alleged hacking by the hacker group Apopumoi of the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the “theft” of personal data of employees of the military department is a primitive fake to the point of laughter“, – the message says.

The ministry noted that the lists of personal data of military personnel and other employees of the Russian Defense Ministry are not stored on the servers of the department’s website, as this is prohibited by Russian law.

All technical and software tools of the Internet portal of the Ministry of Defense function with the specified parameters in normal mode, the press service added.

Earlier, Twitter reported that hacktivists allegedly hacked the website of the Russian Defense Ministry and seized information about the ministry’s employees.. “The website of the Russian Ministry of Defense does not work,” they wrote there.

When checking, in the distributed archive, there was a distribution of the VLC media player and a small selection of passwords by domain and from very old leaks.

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