The FSB called the threat level of cyber attacks on the Russian Federation critical


Created by order of the FSB leadership, the National Coordination Center for Computer Incidents (NCCC) warned of the threat of increasing the intensity of computer attacks on Russian information resources, including critical information infrastructure facilities (CII) against the background of the ongoing military operation in Ukraine.

“Attacks can be aimed at disrupting the functioning of important information resources and services, causing reputational damage, including for political purposes,” the NCC reports.

“In addition, in the future, it is possible to carry out malicious influences from the Russian information space to form a negative image of the Russian Federation in the eyes of the world community,” the Center said.

NCC specialists recommend Russian organizations to increase vigilance when monitoring malicious activity directed at objects located in the area of responsibility of the organization, to organize the process of priority processing of information about anomalies detected in the operation of CII objects.

“Any failure in the operation of CII facilities for a reason that has not been reliably established should first of all be considered as the result of a computer attack,” the Center reported.

“In case of detection of signs of targeted computer attacks, immediately inform the NCC for the timely development of counteraction measures,” they warned.

“The threat of cyber attacks on Russian information resources. Threat level: critical,” the Center’s bulletin for February 24 says.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he had decided to conduct a military special operation on the territory of Ukraine. In response, Ukraine severed diplomatic relations with Russia and announced a general mobilization.

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