Anonymous announced a cyber war against the Russian government


Hacktivists from Anonymous have declared a cyber war against Russia and they took it take responsibility for the hacker attack on the website of the Russian TV channel RT.

Anonymous collective officially declares war on Russia…“,” the group said in a statement on Twitter. They added the hashtag #Ukraine to their message.

At the time of writing this news, the Russian version of the RT website and a number of foreign versions were unavailable. Russia Today TV channel previously reported that massive DDoS attacks are being carried out on the channel’s websites.

In addition, on the evening of February 24, there were difficulties with access to the websites of the Kremlin, the government, and the Parliament of the Russian Federation.

Also, the national coordination center for computer incidents, created by the FSB, announced a critical threat level of cyber attacks on Russian information resources. “Any failure in the operation of CII facilities for a reason that has not been reliably established should first of all be considered as the result of a computer attack,” the Center reported.

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