USA: Russia is to blame for cyber attacks on Ukraine


White House Secretary Jane Psaki made a statement at a briefing on Wednesday that new cyber attacks on the networks of the Ukrainian authorities on Wednesday correspond to actions that Russia allegedly took before.

“We have not yet established who is behind these actions. But such behavior corresponds to what Russia has previously undertaken in attempts to destabilize Ukraine, they correspond to what we observed last week. We have established that Russia is responsible for those attacks,” she said.

“We are in contact with Ukrainian experts on cybersecurity issues, we have talked with them today. We will react quickly to analyze new cyber attacks and what steps should be taken in response,” Psaki added.

In addition, she confirmed that the American authorities, as they have repeatedly and publicly acknowledged in recent days, do not see any threats to the computer networks of the United States at this stage. “There is no current threat related to cyberspace here (in the US),” the spokeswoman stressed. She stated that American intelligence agencies are closely monitoring the situation. “There is still no immediate and concrete threat,” Psaki confirmed.

At the same time, she called on the US private sector to strengthen its cybersecurity. “We expect that there may be threats in the future, and we need the private sector to strengthen its cybersecurity capabilities now,” the White House spokeswoman said.

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