The US has threatened Russia with a blockade of chip supplies


The United States has imposed economic sanctions against Russian business and leaders in connection with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. According to CNBC, now the US authorities are considering blocking Russia’s access to semiconductors manufactured using American technologies.

The United States is home to the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers, such as Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia, and American companies create software that foreign competitors use to develop their own chips. Blocking Russia’s access to key American design tools and proprietary chips could damage the Russian technology industry. All modern technologies, including cars, smartphones and rockets, depend on the supply of semiconductors.

In the short term, blocking Russia’s access to microchips may provoke countermeasures from Russia, which dominates the production of components important for the production of microchips. In the long run, this move could completely weaken the US superiority in the field of processors.

The White House has not directly said how it will isolate Russia from Western technologies, but analysts expect that control over semiconductor exports will be a key component of any new measures unveiled by Washington.

Currently, it remains unclear whether the United States will try to block the supply of semiconductors to all Russian businesses, or whether the White House will target companies associated with the Russian military, as well as industries that Russian President Vladimir Putin has identified as strategically important.

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