The new service from Google will allow application developers to ensure compliance with the laws


Google’s Area 120 division, specializing in experimental projects, has introduced a new Checks service that allows developers of Android applications to check their products for compliance with regulatory requirements in the field of data protection.

Checks is currently in beta testing. With it, developers can see how their applications process data. In addition, the platform allows you to automate compliance with requirements.

Developers can contribute their own scanning applications on the platform. Checks will scan them and generate a description of the data usage for the app store.

The main task of Checks is to assess the implementation of privacy policies in the application and their compliance with legal requirements. The service also allows developers to better understand how their applications collect and process data in accordance with the stated permissions. During the scanning process, all integrated SDKs are audited for data collection practices and compliance with legal regulations.

Checks will also work with iOS apps, but it is not yet clear how the service will check apps in the iOS ecosystem and the Apple App Store.

Checks is a multi-tool platform. In particular, it includes the following tools: Store Disclosure Creation, Store Disclosure Monitoring, Compliance Monitoring and Data Monitoring.

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