The FBI warned businessmen in the United States about possible cyber attacks by “Russian hackers”


During a telephone briefing, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation warned American businessmen about the high threat from allegedly Russian hackers, against the background of sanctions that US President Joe Biden imposed against Russia in connection with the situation around Ukraine, CNN reports, citing informed sources.

The Russian Federation has repeatedly rejected the accusations of Western countries in cyber attacks, calling them unfounded, and also stated that it is ready to cooperate on cybersecurity.

Earlier, the head of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency, Jen Easterly, said that Russia could allegedly consider taking measures in response to US sanctions that could affect critical US infrastructure. She called on all organizations to familiarize themselves with the steps developed by the agency in order to reduce cybersecurity risks.

According to sources who attended the briefing, the head of the cybersecurity department at the FBI, David Ring, said that Russia is allegedly a “favorable environment” for cybercriminals, which “will not get smaller” against the background of the confrontation between Russia and the West over the situation around Ukraine.

Ring asked state and local officials, as well as business leaders, to consider the possibilities of how malware can interfere with the process of providing critical services.

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