Hundreds of computer systems in Ukraine attacked by a new viper


Researchers from the ESET information security company have discovered destructive software in Ukraine that has affected hundreds of computers. According to experts, the cyberattack has been developed over the past few months.

It remains unknown who is responsible for the use of the Viper. The data destruction software was digitally signed with a certificate issued by a little-known Cypriot company called Hermetica Digital Ltd.

Since operating systems use code signing as an initial verification of software, such a certificate could have been designed to help a fraudulent program bypass antivirus protection. Obtaining such a certificate under false pretenses or stealing it is not impossible, but, as a rule, it is a sign of the actions of a “prepared and purposeful” enemy.

Experts from Symantec told the Reuters news agency that the viper was also detected on computer systems in Latvia.

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