The Ukrainian authorities are ready to liquidate the data on servers in Kiev


The Ukrainian authorities are preparing for a scenario of destroying data on servers and transferring confidential information from Kiev. This will be done in the event of an invasion of the Russian Federation in the capital.

This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection (Gosspetssvyaz) Ukraine ‘s Viktor Zhora in an interview with Politico .

According to the official, the seizure of Ukrainian computer networks intact will give Moscow not only valuable documents, but also detailed information about the population under its control. Even if Russia takes control of government institutions, the Ukrainian side “can move to new places, save data, delete data and prevent the seizure of all this data.”

The government of Ukraine began the centralization of its computer systems in 2014, Zhora said. According to him, this measure made it difficult to get into computers where secret documents, detailed data about the population are stored and services such as, for example, pension payments are provided.

In the event of an invasion, Ukrainian cyber teams will be ordered to “disable access to these accounts,” Zhora added. Also, the Ukrainian authorities have developed plans to disable the central systems in Kiev and transfer copies of data to backup positions.

Ukraine’s contingency cybersecurity plans highlight how the changing nature of warfare in the 21st century has created new risks for governments under siege, but also new opportunities to ensure their survival.

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