Russian users of Android devices most often become victims of spyware


Eset said that every tenth spyware attack is aimed at Android users from Russia. And the total number of such attacks has increased by more than 20% in a few months, according to the developers of antivirus programs.

It is clarified that we are talking about data for the period from September to December 2021. During these few months, the number of cases of stalking and espionage has increased significantly. At the same time, Russian citizens became the main target.

As specified, malicious programs that carry out espionage mainly work in stealth mode without notifications and disguise themselves as standard utilities. They monitor the location of users and keep a log of their online activity, as well as send screenshots of messages and the screen to third-party servers. Experts explained that for espionage programs block the protective elements of the operating system: they work in hidden mode without notifications and disguise themselves as standard utilities.

It is also noted that in 2021, the volume of all types of threats to Android has significantly increased. It is five times higher than the same indicator in 2020. At the same time, the greatest activity of malware is observed on weekends.

Spyware continues to gain popularity. Hackers are developing malware for Android due to the widespread distribution of the system. Such actions are criminally punishable, the secret installation of spyware on the phone entails imprisonment for up to two years, and for developers the term can be up to four years.

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